It is often said that a true Muslim society has supremacy of law where everyone is treated equally. In a true Muslim society, the law takes its own course and the verdict of the court is respected. No one is allowed to take the law in his own hands and the worst crime is disobedience which creates anarchy and disorder in the society. However, there is a society where the criminals are garlanded, not only by their own tribe but also the so-called custodians of faith and custodians of rule of law. Yet these people scream at the top of their voice to justify their support for the criminal in the name of faith. This is what is exactly happening in this country since January 4, 2011 when a state functionary was killed by none else but his own bodyguard who used his official position and officially issued weapon during the time of official duty for which he was being paid out of taxpayers’ money.

The assassin of the governor is in jail awaiting court verdict but a mob of self-appointed protectors of the honor of Holy Prophet (pbuh) has pronounced its verdict and warned the courts of stiff reprimand if any order was passed against the murderer of Governor Taseer. It means that if a judge dares to order that the murderer was indeed a murderer, he too will be convicted for blasphemy the way Taseer was convicted. Express Tribune has reported that TNRM, a coalition of eight Sunni parties, organized the rally to pay tributes to the police guard who shot Taseer dead on January 4. Speakers on this occasion said there could be no punishment for Qadri and demanded his early release. They also threatened that if Qadri was punished they would hold a long march to Islamabad and snatch all those responsible for it out of their offices. They issued a warning to the media not to extend invitations to those who criticized Qadri or spoke in favor of amending the blasphemy laws. “Mumtaz Hussain Qadri is a hero of the Muslim ummah. Whoever criticizes him or Section 295-C will have their tongues pulled out.”

According to the report, some lawyers were also spotted in the rally and one of them ‘congratulated’ the participants on Taseer’s death and said if Section 295-C was removed they would obey no laws. But, he also said no law was actually needed to deal with blasphemers as a few “true Muslims” were all it required to deal with them. He said no lawyer would appear before the court to prosecute Taseer’s murder.

Is it a Muslim country? This is not even a civilized country where clergy incite murder just in order to grab a cause to enter back into politics. Will the apex court take suo motto notice of the naked threats of death and violence?
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