President Obama has spent three days in India and has, along with the first lady, been dancing to the tune of Bollywood songs. He must have learnt so many things about Indian customs, traditions and superstitions.  One of this is about the shuguns or omens. The rule of these shuguns dictate that he should immediately call of his visit to south Korea because the Indonesian volcano is a bad shugun. It has already made him think about shortening his visit durations.

Los Angeles Times has reported that President Obama will probably cut short his one-day Indonesia visit because volcanic ash is complicating air travel in the region, aides said as Air Force One arrived here Tuesday. The change would be just the latest of several disruptions in the president’s trip to the country where he lived for a while as a child.

The Tuesday arrival comes after two cancellations earlier in the year, first because of a congressional vote on the president’s healthcare plan and then because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Originally, Obama had hoped to bring his daughters and stay for a few days. When the Indonesia visit became part of an economics-focused tour of Asia this month, the stop here was shortened to just a day. First Lady Michelle Obama is the only member of the family accompanying him.

The president still plans to deliver an address to university students and visit a mosque, but aides may change other parts of his schedule, press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

President Obama spent a considerable part of his boyhood in Indonesia with his mom and step dad.