Floods are not the only catastrophe visiting this poor hapless country. The Almighty’s wrath is reflected in many ways; most notably for common folks, in the events being unfolded by Him every day, and the 18th day of August, 2010 was no exception. At around Iftar time, Pakistan‘s legendary herbal physician, who was honored with the civil award of Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in recognition of his meritorious services, Hakim N Salik, a poet of now-a-days rare classical order, an excellent human-being with the heart of gold and above all a great friend, suddenly left us all, for his heavenly abode.

This was a sudden shock to all of his friends, his admirers and his patients around the globe. He was not seriously ill, but he was a heartbroken man having lost his faith in his adopted country for which he had abandoned his kith and kin and which he served beyond his capacity. He was a Pakistani not by accident or compulsion like all of us, he was a Pakistani by choice. Lately, he was extremely disturbed on what has become of his adopted motherland in the last two decades. He would voice his concerns for the country and disdain for the perpetrators of its disaster very candidly. His patients all around the world would testify to his sincerity. He will be mourned by a widow, a grown up son, three married daughters and three sons of very tender age . He will also be mourned by friends, admirers and countless patients.  After having married off his elder son and three daughters, he had some sense of relief but they all are now devastated and will miss him at every step in life. Rest in peace Salik bhai, you may have left this world but you will always live in our hearts. We will always remember you in the hour of our pain and distress, that is if we ever forget you momentarily.

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