This post is dedicated to those Pakistanis who have dedicated their resources, passion, time and money for the flood victims. There are many stories one of which is of Sehberg Trust which goes like this:

With help and support of friends and family, the trustees have started emergency flood relief activities with Islamabad Jeep Club in Nowshehra District. The first area that they selected was Pakhtoon Garhi to gain an insight into the current situation. Based on first hand experience, they reported that the ground situation was far worse than expected. Help is badly needed all over Pakistan on a very urgent basis. The Trust has established linkages to areas in Nowshehra, Mianwali and Malakand and plan to carry following relief activities during the Ramadan:

a)       Provide potable water in 20 liters Jerry cans to the pocket areas of Pakhtoon Garhi and Amanpur till the flood water recedes and soon after we would be disinfecting the local water supply in schools, mosques and any other public wells. The cost for 20 liters can of water (enough for a family of 6 for 2 days) with chlorination for ten days is Rs. 200.

b)       Provide ‘roti’ and ‘gur’ (jaggery) in single packs for individuals (3 rotis and 1/8 th kg of ‘gur’) per day. The cost per day is going to be Rs 40 per day. This would be provided from Islamabad to areas where floods have not receded and people have no means of cooking food. Please note that currently the cost of a single roti in some affected areas is reported to have risen to Rs. 60.

c)  A Tandoor and langar (large scale kitchen serving basic hot food like daal or vegetables and roti) has been started by Islamabad Jeep Club in Pakhtoon Gari. Sehberg Trust is going to support one hot meal per day during Ramadan at a cost of around Rupees 15 per person.

d) Amanpur is another affected area from where we have received a request for help. Ammanpur is located in the Kabul river bed, 18 Km from Khairabad Bridge at Attock, where the last 2 Km can only be covered by jeep. It was badly affected by the floods and the houses located at the river bank were completely destroyed. About 30 families have taken refuge on a hill top and have till date received no assistance from anyone. These families require tents, food and water. We have provided them with 5 kg tins of oil, 20 kg bags of flour, 1 kg of gur, 2 kg sugar, ½ kg tea, 1 kg powdered milk. Cost per person is approximately 1200-1500 for a month.

d)       ORS, Calamine Lotion and anti-diarrheal to be provided to NGO’s which are providing medical relief.

Readers of this blog who wish to join Sehberg Trust should please contact Kamran Masud at