Fake degrees not only land you in prestigious houses of the Parliament, these also make you mujahid, if you survive the media onslaught like Dasti did, or a martyr if you don’t. In both the cases, the rewards are enormous. By cheating and manipulating the process, you defied a law introduced by a dictator which is a brave thing to do. Each and every law introduced by the dictator must be defied through cheating and defrauding, unless the laws are for the benefit of public [read: your personal benefit] For example, there is no need to scrap the law increasing number of woman legislators through reserved seats because it gives you a chance to send your own ladies to the Parliament.

An interesting analysis has appeared in the Business Recorder which shows how cheating and defrauding are being glorified by the fraudster mujahids. According to the article, there is deafening hue and cry, torrent of excuses, hollow pretexts, maneuvers and intrigues to befuddle the issue. Just imagine, to quote one example, a very senior journalist, eulogizing the fake degree cheats as mujahideen, during a TV debate last mid-week! His “logic” ran like this:

President Musharraf’s order, making it mandatory for candidates for elective public office to be at least graduates was illegal, so any one breaking that law was actually fighting against injustice and was, therefore, a mujahid! The whole nation should solute these mujahideen who fought a dictator with a fake degree.

And look at this chairman of HEC. He is trying to play smart and victimize the mujahideen. Let’s look at what this chairman of HEC is. Just a studious type… What does he know about politics? Politics in this country is synonymous with cheating and scheming and this gentleman of HEC is totally illiterate in the art of politicking. He is probably playing a great game to derail the “system”. What is he trying to prove; that the whole nation consists of illiterate and cheat because MPs represent the whole nation.

Prior to joining SZABIST, Dr Laghari was the Director of Graduate Studies and Tenured Full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, USA. Dr Laghari is the recipient of the coveted national award “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz“, conferred by the President of Pakistan. Dr Laghari is listed in the American Men and Women of Science, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in the East and Who’s Who in the World. All this and much more that is complimentary, is what Internet tells us about the man. But who cares? He does not represent the people and has no right to question the educational credentials of public representatives.

May God help these mujahideen who bravely stood up to illegal order of a dictator. To read the details of this interesting analysis, please visit Business Recorder.