Imagine, if Baroness Sayeeda Warsi were in Pakistan, with the kind of educational qualification that she has, she would at the best be teaching in some college, or after having passed CSS examination would have been made OSD waiting to be fired for not twisting the rules to hire the voters of her minister in charge. Given the fact that her father was a factory worker, she would have been denied proper education and would have graduated only from a sewing school. She was lucky that her father migrated to Britain and served its economy as a laborer. She got education and became chairperson of Britain’s ruling party and also a cabinet minister. In her society, a factory worker is as good a citizen as a member of House of Lords. Don’t you often wonder, how come son of an accountant rose to become chief of army staff. That he eventually became Pakistan’s President is another matter. Could he become a democratically elected prime minister or president if he were not a scion of one of the political families of Pakistan?

The reason is very simple. Britain is a democracy giving equal rights and opportunities to every citizen. For this very reason, it is called mother of all democracies. Army bashing is a fashionable pastime after army rule by so-called “democrats” but all the defense services are truly democratic institutions which provides opportunities to scions of even sepoys and junior officers to rise to become one of its top commanders. From jawan to general and from sailor to naval chief are few examples.

I sometimes wonder when it will be possible for a political worker of Pakistan, who dedicates his entire life to the political objectives of his party,  to rise and become party chief, not as a stop-gap arrangement when the head has fled the country to escape prosecution, but as a real head of the party. But it will never happen because we are probably a sham democracy. To us, the only qualification to become a leader is his bloodline or his relation to the political family leading the country or the party and not his or her character, vision or sacrifices for the public. It was for the very same reason that democratic parties are not required to elect their leaders. This is a concession given to political dynasties by themselves through a consensus constitutional amendment.

Statement of a powerful but controversial minister has appeared in the Express Tribune saying that the kid of the President will be the next prime minister. Will he inherit Pakistan from his parents or the minister has discovered some hidden qualities of the kid, not so far discovered by the media,  making him eligible to become shepherd of Pakistani cattle and sheep? No wonder, Pakistanis deserve what they get after each election.