Pakistan is one of the richest countries of the world, yet it has to invite IMF every now and then and remains in perpetual domestic and foreign debt. Imagine, the country has the second largest salt mine in the world, fifth largest gold mine, seventh largest copper mine, fifth largest coal reserves, seventh largest wheat and rice production capacity (can be enhanced to be the largest), is eighth in the rankings of fresh water availability with 2,053 cubic meters of water per person in 1995.

Then what are the reasons of the poverty of one of the richest nations on earth? Mismanagement of its resources, poor economic management, greed of a few influential people to plunder whatever they can, its ever-growing population which is in fact multiplying as per Malthusian theory? Please do grumble and criticize as it is your right, but before doing that don’t forget to count your blessings.

Whatever are the reasons of its poverty, it is a fact that world’s one of the richest countries has one of the poorest economies. Look at other examples. Take the case of Dubai. What has it got in terms of natural resources? It is only a trading hub and it has thrived on that, thanks to legendary tribal wisdom of desert people. It has no agriculture, no mineral resources. It does not even have water of its own except, of course the sea water which it exploits to the maximum to become one of the happening economies.

Express Tribune has recently published an interesting analysis titled: Pakistan: poor economy, rich country by Saqib Omer Saeed. Please click Express Tribune to read and enjoy the article.