The visitors of this blog have shown keen interest in a previous post titled: Capital-another ally of military dictators. The blog stats show that 58% of the visitors visiting the blog had read this post. Although, majority of the visitors did not elect to leave the comments, those who posted the comments were restrained in expression, yet the interest exhibited by the visitors, initially unexplained, was later revealed through TV shows and newspaper columns to be representative of majority opinion. It transpired that military dictators have more than capital or the opportunist politicians missing them. The common man has also started fondly remembering the dictatorial regime saying that there was no dearth of basic necessities and everything was available at affordable prices. It shows that the military dictators will now find allies from amongst the masses, if he or they decide to renter the political arena. The natural question coming to mind which one is tempted to ask is: pyar chahiey ke paisa chahiey!

Visitors may please offer comments on this strange phenomenon.